Friday, November 2, 2012

Voting, Pies, and so much more!

We had a very busy week!! We started off our week with the students getting to vote in the Presidential election. I talked to students about the importance of voting and gave them information about both candidates.
President Obama won with over 500 votes!! This was an amazing experience for students. Thank you to the election team that set it up.
After all the election excitement, it was time for the math learning lab. Mr.Tash was here this week and all the k,1,2 teachers got to come into my classroom to watch my mathematicians at work! The students did great. Everyone was very impressed and I was one proud teacher. :) 
We have also been talking about author's purpose this week. To help us remember that author's persuade, inform, and entertain, we made "pies". The students had to find examples of each from books in the classroom. Then they got to decorate their pie and make it whatever "flavor" they pleased. They really loved this activity and I can see them grasping author's purpose in shared and small group reading. 
Next week we finish up our Wild West unit. Have a great weekend! 

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