Monday, October 22, 2012

Back to the West we go!!

Today we started off the week learning about African American cowboys in the West. Of course, we all dressed in character. After talking to our own classes about the importance of the person we were portraying, we rotated classes so that all classes could learn about each person. 
We have been practicing using different voices for characters and reading plays. Last week Mrs.Overton came to visit dressed as the Princess from Princess and the Frog. A couple students got to read parts as she acted out. We love when Mrs.O comes to visit!! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fun in Fairy Tales

Today we started our Fairy Tale unit. We all got into character by dressing up as a character from one of our favorite stories. The students loved seeing all us of dressed up and it helped them connect to the stories. 
**Make sure to read the newsletter I sent home today! I updated our schedule and classroom routine. **
In math today, we we learning about greater than and less than. We even made a conjecture! One student said that if the number in the tens place is greater, than that number is always bigger.  In order to prove that it is always true, we worked out several problems. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wild West Week 2

We have had a very busy week!! We started off our week learning about Native American (Indians). After reading a story and looking at pictures, students were able to distinguish the differences between Native Americans and cowboys. We look at the clothing, housing, and different lifestyles within their culture. Today I used an image by George Catlin to have the students use adjectives to describe the clothing. They did an awesome job and came up with great adjectives!

In writing, we wrote about all the things we have learned in the past two weeks. I was so impressed with the students illustrations and the knowledge they have retained in the past two weeks.
Sorry it is not big enough to read!! Come visit our classroom to see all the writing selections!!

Then finally, in math we are still trying to figure out the missing part. Students took a math assessment today and they did very well.