Monday, December 10, 2012

From bridges to farming...

I am behind on updating! Here is a picture of the bridges the students built a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks to Mrs.Webb for helping out, they turned out great.

This week we started reading Charlotte's Web. Today we dressed as farmers to inspire the students and thanks to Mrs.Smith and Ms.Williams for putting up our awesome webs in the hallway! (Picture to come.)

 We have been working on reading numbers past 100 not only the number, but the number words, and expanded forms. I gave each student a card and they had to find their partner. They are getting really good at counting, writing, and recognizing numbers up to 1,000! Shout out to Mrs.Blankenship's students, you are awesome!!

They loved our field trip to see The Nutcracker. They were one of the best behaved groups and it was a great experience for all.