Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today we talk about calling the strategies by name. We shouted out STRATEGY several times to help students remember this big word! In math we use different strategies to add and subtract. Some examples are: using a numberline, counting up, use your fingers, use tallies, draw a picture, and counting out loud. I put this number story up on the board. I had 10 cupcakes. My mom ate 4. How many do I have left? The students could choose one way to solve the problem. After solving the problem, they got with their math partner and used the sentence starter, "the strategy I used was..".
The students did AWESOME! They not only got the answer correct and knew it was subtraction, but they all used a variety of strategies.
During reading we talked about text connections. I brought "Mr.Connection" with me today. It is a cup filled with sentence starters to help students understand how to make connections while reading. We made a poster of the three types: text to text, text to self, and text to world. First I read a book and modeled my text to self connection. Then I had students share their connections. During reading groups, they all got to choose a stick and make their own connection to the book. They caught on really well. Today was just an introduction so I can't wait to see all the great connections we make in the weeks to come!

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