Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome to the Wild West!

Today we started our Wild West 6 week unit. All the second grade teachers dressed up in our cowgirl outfits. Students saw pictures from the Wild West in the 1800's and we talked about how they used wagons for transportation instead of cars like today. We started out the unit by reading a tall tale called "Pecos Bill". All week we will be talking about and reading tall tales. Our Vocabulary words are: interrupted, promised, wander, borrowed, and mumbled.
We also had a structured math talk. I posed a problem with a missing part. Students had to use different strategies to find the missing part. We talked about using subtraction, using addition facts that we already know, and using the part part whole method.


  1. Awesome job, second grade team! You sure know how to hook your students! (and everyone else in the hallway!)

  2. My students asked me why we weren't doing a western unit as well! We might just have to add an SPI or two to the 3rd grade curriculum. :)