Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making goals count

At the beginning of each week, I list out the objectives for the week for all the subjects. Last week, I had the students take that objective and make their own personal goal. The objective stated the students needed to be able to count, write, and read numbers 11 to 20. Each student chose their goal, wrote it in their journals, and worked on that goal all week. At the end of the week, I had the students check to see if they met their goals. Most of them had met it! I was so proud and I could tell it gave the lesson more purpose for them. We did it again this week except they chose a reading goal. I can't wait until Friday when we meet more goals!!!!

We also do daily objectives in math. At the end of the lesson, I give an exit task to see if they students have met the objective. Here's some examples of those "objective maps". 

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  1. That is a wonderful idea for how to keep students accountable for their learning! And I love how everything is out for all to see. Students will feel like they have something to prove! (and they do!)